What's shakin'?

Vox Machinae News Update

January 13, 2015

It's hard to believe that it's been over three weeks since we've let the missiles/lasers fly by unleashing Vox Machinae on the Oculus-wielding public. We can honestly say that we did not expect the overwhelmingly positive reactions we've been receiving since that day.

When we set out to bring 31st century combat into the 21st centry, we had a feeling there was a hidden itch that the games industry wasn't scratching. Now with around 20,000 downloads of our Alpha Demo in-hand, we can confidently confirm our suspicions with aplomb. So we thought we'd include with this post some of the more memorable comments we've received from across the Internets.

Now that the winter wonderland times are behind us, we look forward to the future development of Vox Machinae. We have lots of exciting stuff to share with you guys in the coming months, so stay tuned as we slowly begin to take the wraps off this ambitious project. things are about to get hot and heavy... REALLY heavy.

On Oculus Share

"my favorite so far! Im a canadian Tanker (Leopard 1 and 2) I can tell you how close to the dingy feels of my tank in the stan this was! Loved it! Just cant wait for more from this Dev!"

- armanick

"Wow! That was really, really, good. The bar has just been raised. Congrats, SBDC. VR is about discovering what works, and what doesnt. These guys obviously know what works. 5 stars."


"Absolutely stunning. In my humble opinion, the best Rift experience to date. The feeling when taking flight is phenomenal, and the feel when crashing down is even better. "

- VirtuallyRealistic

On Reddit

"I will buy this game when it's released. I opened and closed the shield door more than a grown man should."

- pittsburghjoe

"Holy crap! For the first time ever, a game has literally made me feel like I was in Robot Jox. This also feels a bit like the kind of experience I was expecting (and didn't quite get) out of Lost Planet 3."

- Straint