Red GDRs approaching.

Playtesting Begins

February 18, 2018

Ahoy there! The playtest extravaganza starts in just a matter of days. Make sure to check your spam folders. Notifications for the first batch of testers were sent out on the 14th, which is technically still early February. :) If you didn't get in the first round, don't be too dissapointed; new testers will be added regularly throughout testing.

We got quite a lot more signups than expected, and are very encourged to see such interest in Vox Machinae. We are also glad our website didn't break. Suffice to say, we've got a wide selection of people to make sure we cover a variety of different people and hardware.

The first group is very small, with the goal of ensuring a variety of people are able to successfully run the game, connect to servers, play without crashing, and so on. Of course future goals will include fixing bugs, balancing weapons, and testing new game modes. Ciao for now!