Weapons of Vox

September 5, 2018

Stompy giant robots deserve devastating weaponry, and Vox Machinae delivers with a core set of guns fit for a 20-storey war machine. Here’s a run-through of the current weapon roster that we’ll be shipping into EARLY ACCESS with. For more weapons highlights, join us over on TWITTER.

Rail Against the Machine''


The railgun fires a devastatingly swift rail that can penetrate multiple layers of metal for maximum internal damage. Charge up the accelerator coils by holding fire for a few seconds and release after it’s armed. Be careful not to hold onto a charge for too long as doing so continues to build up your grinder’s heat level.

It's Better to Give Flak Than Take it''

Flak Cannon

This versatile gem is great for crowd control, shooting 4 consecutive slugs that will explode when nearing an enemy grinder or when they reach their max firing distance. Use it to shoot out those pesky airborne baddies, or pop off a round next to an enemy behind cover for a splash-damage surprise. The shell’s large explosive radius can damage nearby friendly grinders if you’re not careful.

Fire and Forgettaboutit''

Missile Launcher

(Large: 8 pods, Small: 3 pods)

A surefire classic, Missiles in Vox Machinae seek to the spot where you were aiming the reticle when fired. Launching in rapid succession, missiles unleash a trail of destruction. Be sure to lead a moving target and take into account their distance and a missile's travel time.

Hot'n'Heavy Metal Melter''


(Large: 3sec blue, Small: 2sec orange)

Melt some metal and add this hot and heavy choice to your arsenal. The laser is the only weapon that will inflict continuous damage over the course of its fire duration. Stay on target and keep within the shorter end of its damage falloff to maximize output. Remember to monitor your heat levels as the laser is also the highest heat-generating weapon.

Nothing Mini About it''


Don’t let the “Mini” fool you, it’s still very much a massive weapon compared to us puny humans. Fires immediately but takes some time for the barrels to spin up and reach peak performance. Notably the minigun generates the least heat in the roster, making it the best backup to high heat-producing weapons.

Fire in the Whole Grinder''


(Large shell, Small shell)

The king of mid-range, cannons can help make your Grinder versatile at both ends. It’s great for those introductory volleys as it deals both impact and splash damage. Because each shell arcs over the course of its trajectory, estimating successive rounds is key to its effectiveness.