Sizzle summer VOX deals!

June 25, 2019

With just a few days into summer, we at Space Bullet felt it was prime time to get things really heated up in Vox Machinae. Say hello to our Summer Update, jam-packed with new content to unload and lay digital waste on your fellow grinder pilots.

Introducing Convoy CO-OP Mode

To get things started, we’re proud to finally unveil our first ever Co-op gameplay mode, Convoy. As the title suggests, you and up to 3 other fellow pilots are tasked with protecting 3 mining trucks making their way through our treacherous battlefields. Along the way you’ll be greeted by the gunfire of enemy scavenger trucks and grinders, so stay sharp and protect those piggies. What’s more, you’ll have to keep a keen eye out for bigger foes and even competing enemy convoys attempting to cross your path as they chart their own course. Fear not though, as you may encounter optional opportunities in the form of dormant grinders and factories to capture and benefit from along your journey to the goal.

Overhaul, The Flying Grinder

People are always tell us that our signature jumpjet gameplay is one of the most compelling aspects of Vox Machinae. That got us to thinking, what if there was a grinder that could FLY? Well that’s just what we did! Sort of. Introducing Overhaul, the double fixed-mount medium class grinder featuring hummingbird propulsion jets. What’s hummingbird you say? It allows Overhaul to hover effortlessly over the terrain, surveying the battlefield below. With those 2 fixed weapon mounts, he can unleash a unique combo of weaponry on those poor pilots below.

He'll Haul over YOU

Pulse and Hammer your Foes into Submission

Speaking of weaponry, the summer update once again delivers with our two new guns, Pulsar and Hammer. Pulsar adds to our roster of small weapons, doling out a triple shot of magnetically-charged projectiles that proximity explode near enemies to deliver splashy damage goodness. Meanwhile, Hammer delivers the goods in a dramatically different way. Available to grinder pilots in fixed-mount form, this giant homing missile can be guided by the pilot’s cursor for targeted explosive glory. What’s more, once a player commits to a target and lets go of the fire button, the missile sheds its casing and accelerates to expedite delivery of its payload. Oh and did we mention that it can be controlled via your scope monitor? Because it totally can!

Triple threat Guided Boom-Boom

So to sum things up, hovering grinder, guns, and co-op glory is the name of THIS game with our summer update, available NOW!